Local Kids Stand Out in 2009 Interscholastic Regional Tournament

Date:    Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Northeast regional playoffs for Interscholastic Girls took place on Feb. 5-8 at Glen Farm in Portsmouth, RI.  

The Newport interscholastic girls' team, including twins Katie and Maggie Ferrato andMinnie Keating, participated against Westchester (RI), Culver Academy (IN),Country Farms (NY) and Cedar Valley (Toronto) interscholastic girls polo teams in this preliminary playoff tournament.  Admission was free and the matches were open to the public.  The results were: Thursday: Westchester defeated Newport; Friday: Culver defeated Cedar Valley; Saturday:  Country Farms defeated Westchester; Sunday:    Consolation:  Cedar Valley defeated Newport; Finals: Country Farms defeated Culver
Congratulations to the winners ~ Country Farms, and to local standouts including Westchester's Vicky Fredrichs for being named to the Regional All-Star Team, and Newport's Minnie Keating, recipient of the tournament's Sportsmanship Award.  The bleachers were packed with supporters throughout the weekend, and a fundraising concession & raffle operation succeeded in raising enough money for a new electronic scoreboard for the Glen Farm arena.

The winner of this tournament, Country Farms of Long Island, NY will advance to the USPA National girls interscholastic tournament at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY on Feb. 26 - March 1, to face winners from two other regional playoffs as well as the Brandywine, Cornell,Garrison Forest, Maryland and Shallowbrook, to determine the 2009 National interscholastic girls champion.

The Newport Interscholastic youth polo program includes high school age girls and boys, and welcomes interested new players.  Instruction is provided by Dan Keating and Matthew/Tony Fonseca throughout the year at private outdoor and indoor arenas in Portsmouth, RI.  “The growth and future of the sport of polo lies in early training for up and coming players.  We hope these kids continue to play polo while earning a degree at one of 40 top universities in the US that offer polo programs, and some may even qualify for college scholarships,” explained Dan Keating, founder and president, Newport Polo Club. “Two of our boys, Anthony Russo and Ryan Fontaine, substituted last night on the Brown University polo team and defeated the Harvard U. polo team.  You know where their sights are set!”