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August Coaching League

Time: August 2, 2020 5:00 PM

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Players enrolled in Newport Polo’s training program of proven results are stepping up to the Coaching League Membership to gain experience playing in coaching chukkers during the club's weekly practices on Tuesdays and Sundays in July and August.

Coaching League - monthly memberships offer the next step up in polo training, with chukkers on Tuesdays & Sundays with the Club, with instruction by coaches during play.  Polo novices will receive coaching during play, as they advance their polo skills and understanding of the rules, tactics and strategy of polo in the Coaching League.

“Moving from lessons to chukkers challenges new players to think, not only about their own performance, but also to track the fast changing game and how to work with their teammates and mounts to gain the advantage,” explains head instructor, Dan Keating.“

Since 600 b.c., the timeless sport of polo is a symbol of horsemanship and sport, with a mystique that regularly lends itself to the media, fashion, culture and a legendary fraternity of distinguished members.  Polo is surprisingly accessible, and Newport Polo's Polo School is in session, training new players, the best of whom will eventually compete for a position on the official Saturday roster to play in featured exhibition matches.

American polo has seen a great deal of recent growth thanks to the efforts of the United States Polo Association and its dedicated clubs, players, patrons, fans and sponsors. Its growth of 20% since 2011 is in large part due to clubs like Newport Polo that showcase the sport to spectator audiences and offer an affordable step ladder of training to become a player.  Home of the first polo club in America, “it has been an honor to carry on that legacy by indoctrinating so many newcomers to the sport” explains Dan Keating, head instructor and founder of Newport Polo and Newport International Polo Series.

What makes the sport so appealing is not only the timeless spirit of a game on horseback, but also its lifestyle and fraternity.  Some athletic ability is the best foundation, on which all the rest, including how to ride, comes through dedication.  “After a long winter, we are having a great season for training players,” explains Keating.  “I think all the students in our training program are benefiting on a number of different levels.  For some, the focus is on riding, for others it is on the technique and mechanics of hitting, and those that have a developed a basis are consumed with the highly dynamic strategy of the game.  For everyone it is a rewarding, adventurous, competitive team sport, with a good dose of camaraderie.”

The Newport International Polo Series is developing its next generation of polo players through its reputed polo training program with nearly 30 years of experience teaching hundreds of students ranging from teens to adults.   Polo students progress through group and private lessons and have the opportunity to advance into introductory levels of practice as members of the Newport Polo Club.  Facilities for training include a regulation outdoor arena for use in fall and spring, a state of the art indoor equestrian center and grass training fields in the summer.  Its horses are of the finest thoroughbred caliber & training; professional grade polo equipment is provided; lessons are taught by world-class, certified instructors.

The Newport Polo Club’s thriving membership today is made up mostly of players who got their start through the training program’s weekly group lessons.  For more information, browse our lesson info online, send an email to for more information, and sign up to receive our private weekly Club Polo & Lesson Schedule.