About Newport Polo

About Newport Polo

Newport Polo, host of the Newport International Polo Series XXVI, is the home of the Westchester Polo Club, America's first polo club, est. in 1876, and founding member of the United States Polo Association, offering public exhibition matches and polo club member services for grass & arena polo, and polo instruction year-round.

The Newport International Polo Series features teams from around the world & from major US cities competing against USA / Newport.  The coming season promises an exciting lineup of action-packed polo matches, international team debuts and memorable special events for fun on and off the field, supported by an enthusiastic spectator audience.  See Schedule/Tickets for the complete list.

We would like to express heartfelt thanks to all those fans that have been a part of our adventure over the past 25 years, and to our sponsors, without whom we would not have made the strides and reached the milestones of our 25th anniversary season.  They were not only witnes to our journey, but their faith in us became an inspiration.   There is no greater validation than your participation in the Polo Series.  By adding 25 years of legacy to the proud tradition of America’s first polo club, we continue the pioneering spirit of our predecessor and invite you to Discover Polo! 

Our goals, as laid out in 1876, follow a constant heading with unbridled passion: to bring the world closer with teams from every continent, draw our families & friends together with a special sporting experience, develop new players, and champion the needs of our community.  

We can now set our sights on the next 25 years, to direct and sustain our future, improve our offering and preserve this institution.  We shall treasure the weeks of summer with generations of families & friends that return year after year to share the polo experience with us.  As our families unite with cheers for home team and international teams alike, the global fraternity of our sport and its place in our community is never more evident.  

In Winston Churchill’s classic metaphor, polo is a “passport to the world,” connecting us to more than 32 countries that have visited us to date, with more debuts to come.  We extend the goodwill of this international pastime to enrich the culture of our community by inviting all to join us field-side for an exciting series of international challengers, a festive agenda of culturally inspired après polo events, an All Charity Day, youth and adult polo instruction, and for the International Polo Charity Ball in August to support one of our community's most compelling causes.  We invite you to Discover Polo: Watch it. Play It. Support It.  

Through hard work and dedicated individuals, we are able to extend our contributions to the community in various ways. I am grateful to have a corps of athletes that are devoted to this timeless sport and their treasured mounts.  I thank our sponsors without whom the Polo Series would not be as expansive.  Last but not least, I applaud the dedicated staff of the Newport International Polo Series with whom it is an honor to work.

Dan Keating, Captain