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Dan Keating

Dan Keating

At the age of sixteen, Dan was the youngest in the country to hold a private pilot's license as a hot air balloonist. Dan was also a US Olympic finalist in luge before a back injury forced him to take up safer sports - such as rock climbing, scuba diving and hang gliding.

Dan started playing polo in 1988 at the Myopia Hunt Club. In 1990 he launched Newport Polo and restored the abandoned Glen Farm in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He revived polo in its American birthplace by creating the Newport International Polo Series, reconstituting the Westchester Polo Club, America's first polo club, and helped found the Naval War College Polo Club. Newport Polo has hosted teams from Ireland, Germany, Spain, England, Argentina, France, Egypt, India, Australia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Canada, Chile, Jamaica, Nigeria, Portugal, New Zealand, Barbados, Scotland, South Africa, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Kenya, Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Singapore and Monaco.

Each year Dan directs the Newport International Polo Series' charitable donations and benefit matches for the Newport Rotary Club and other nonprofit organizations, helping raise over $650,000 for numerous charitable causes in the community since its inception in 1992.

Dan's outstanding horsemanship, relaxed style, intimate knowledge of the game and a natural talent for demonstrating aspects of polo make him an excellent tutor. Dan also has an uncanny knack for spotting small detail at high speed that allows him to coach effectively - be it the beginner - or experienced player. Dan strongly believes in making polo available to as large a cross section of the community as possible and has pioneered innovative youth, women's and co-ed polo programs.