Please note that all polo matches begin at 4PM in Sept.  Entry Gates open at Noon. ALEX AND ANI Pavilion opens at 2PM. Vendors open at 2:30PM.


Interscholastic Polo

Interscholastic Polo

Newport Polo’s Interscholastic team program of over 20 years, was developed to conform to the United States Polo Association (USPA) Interscholastic/Intercollegiate guidelines & schedule. Listed below are the requirements for official competition, including expenses and deadlines (for tournament qualification and submission of forms). 

Newport Polo organizes weekly interscholastic polo ‘preseason’ instruction in the summer months, in preparation for the Interscholastic Polo Season which runs concurrent with the school year, beginning in the Autumn with weekly team practices and/or scrimmages, and home and away qualifying games through winter, to qualify for tournaments in Feb/Mar. 

Newport Polo manages team registration and coordinates the submission of all necessary team paperwork to the USPA. 

Player commitments:

  • Attendance at Weekly team practices, scrimmages, games and tournament
  • Submission of USPA player forms in a timely manner to Newport Polo

Costs:   Team members are responsible for paying their share for:  instruction; scrimmages; games; tournament(s); travel expenses. 

Newport Interscholastic Team

Goals:  participate in the USPA Preliminary/Regional Tournaments at the end of the season (March).    In order to meet that goal,  the team must qualify and register per USPA rules:

  • The team must play at least 2 qualifying games by Jan. 11. 
  • Each player must be a current member of the USPA – please join or renew online.   
  • Registration paperwork must be filed with USPA


  • Players must know the rules of Arena Polo.  They have to know how to play when in a game, coach or no coach.  They have to know and abide by the official rules of play in order to receive an active position on the team roster.
  • Players must be sufficient in all manner of horsemanship & horse handling, including tacking, hot walking, rolling wraps, etc.  At games and tournaments, players will be required to do these tasks for themselves.  Grooms are not provided in interscholastic or intercollegiate polo.
  • Players must be available to participate, and come prepared for scheduled games.  Rested, practiced, with their personal equipment & safety gear and uniforms, and on time.
  • Attendance at Weekly team practices, scrimmages, games and tournament
  • Submission of USPA player forms in a timely manner to Newport Polo

Player Costs & Expenses

  • Personal safety equipment
    • Helmet
    •  Faceguard and/or eye protection
    • Knee pads (optional)
    • Boots (recommended)
  • Personal playing equipment
    • Mallets
    • Whip
    • Gloves (optional)
    • Team uniform shirt, white jeans or white riding britches 
  • USPA Membership Fee       $50/player/year*
  • MEMBERSHIP You should check '2017' as the membership year if this is first time membership, otherwise renew for 2017; ‘Player Membership' as the type of membership, and you select affiliation with our club using its official name 'Westchester Polo Club'.
  • Qualifying Game Fees      $225/player*     (for a 2-game package, home + away, based on a 4-player team) or $300/player* based on a 3-player team

o   These are games against other qualified teams within our region, to fulfill the requirement (of at least 2 qualifying games by Jan. 11) to participate in the USPA Tournaments.

o   Each home game is 4 chukkers.  Our goal is to schedule home games against teams that will reciprocate with an invitation to play away at their facility.  That way, the home game fee actually buys 2 games - a home game and an away game.

  • 2-Chukker Scrimmages   $75/playerWeekly Lessons                $75/player
  • Can take the place of a lesson. These are good preparations to play games.
  • USPA Prelim/Regional Tournament Fee          (to be divided by the players on the team
    • $600/team/tournament + $100 Magazine Fee = $700* ÷ 4 players = $175*/player ($100 waived if you sell any size ad in annual USPA Interscholastic/Intercollegiate Polo national publication by Dec. 1)
    • travel expenses, depending upon location of tournament 

  • National Tournament (Winners of Regional Tournaments advance)-additional tournament fee + plus travel expenses

Coach & Club

  • Offers weekly instruction and coaching
  • Provides horses, tack and equipment for instruction and home games  
  • Organizes scrimmages & games, score keeping and timing as necessary
  • Manages team registration requirements, paperwork et al
  • Pays USPA Club dues
  • Organizes Umpire services

* Estimated costs based on 2016, subject to change.