All September Polo Matches Begin at 4PM.

Entry gates open at Noon. The Davitt Pavilion & Patio Bar open at 2PM.


Spring Training Begins

Date:    Monday, April 9, 2012

Newport Polo is looking for its next rising stars, and has begun spring lessons in perfect weather conditions.  New students are matriculated into appropriate classes, and learn at their own pace in small group lessons with individual attention and mounted instruction. 

What are the skills necessary to be a good polo player?   “A polo player must be a unique character, possess a lightning fast wit and generous sense of humor, communicate in several languages, have endless stories, a command of the dance floor, able to stay up all night, and travel to foreign countries at a moment’s notice.” (Dan Keating: 2008 interview with Sports Illustrated.)   Sign up  to receive information about lesson registration.