All September Polo Matches Begin at 4PM.

Entry gates open at Noon. The Davitt Pavilion & Patio Bar open at 2PM.


Photo Contestants to be Published

Date:    Monday, November 15, 2010

First-ever Photo Contest Receives Landslide of Heart-Warming Entries, Causes Computer Crash!

The Newport International Polo Series held a Photo Contest to recognize its enthusiastic fans with an opportunity to show the world what great fans we have.

Polo International magazine reviewed the 10 best pix from among hundreds of entries, for consideration for their upcoming feature story on Newport Polo.    All the top enries will also be published on our website in the spring, once the Magazine issue appears.

The glossy 'coffee table' magazine is reputed for its coverage of world-class polo events at elite destinations around the globe.  Copies of the issue will be available field-side next summer in the Pro Shop.