Overseas Report

Date:    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

During the winter and early spring, Newport Polo players travel overseas to visit our international rivals and test their skills on foreign soil.  It is an exciting challenge and unique experience, requiring good horsemanship, knowledge of the game and adventurous attitude.

Newport Polo sent USA players Jim and Julie DeAngelis to head up a team to run the gauntlet of Jamaica’s fast-paced polo in an annual coast-to-coast tour of matches in March.  Escaping the relentless winter, they arrived in balmy Montego Bay to a baptism of fire awaiting them in a round-robin tournament in full season at the St. Ann Polo Club.  Playing with Jamaica's top players on their finest mounts is a highlight in anyone's polo career.  "What was my favorite part? The part between when we landed and when we left!"

Also in March, a group of Newport Polo's Coaching League players made the long journey to Chile to experience a polo immersion into a culture where riding is second nature, polo horses are spirited and lightning fast, and the polo is exhillirating.  The warmth of their Chilean hosts and camaraderie of the Curico Polo Club was matched by spectacular georgraphy, lively entertainment and adventure.  The trip made quite an impression, since the entire group has signed up for Associate Membership this year for a full summer of polo!

As Winston Churchill is oft quoted, "a polo handicap is a passport to the world".