Newport Polo hosts the Newport International Polo Series, and provides polo club member services for grass & arena polo, and polo instruction, year-round.  It is the home of the historic Westchester Polo Club, America's first polo club, established in 1876 and founding member of the United States Polo Association.  Today's club is based in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, with public exhibition playing fields & event venue at Glen Farm (address below) as well as private fields, outdoor arena & training facilities in Portsmouth.  Newport Polo's Office and Lessons are private, and not located at Glen Farm; visitors are received by appointment only.  For Match Info & Status, use the 24-hour Match Info Hotline: (401) 846-0200. For Lessons and all other inquiries, please contact the Polo Office using the form below.

Here is some immediate information to the most frequently asked questions:

  • Watch a brief Tour Guide Video Newport Polo Venue & Ticketing;
  • Wait List for Tailgates & Chalets is now offered by Self-Sign up should we receive a cancellation of an existing reservation, notification will be emailed simultaneously to all those on the Wait List for that match, to revisit our website to make their reservation;
  • Wait List for Pavilion Seats is now offered by Self-Sign up to an automatic Wait List for notification of online seats;
  • Can't find your ticket link, please email with the Date of Match for Ticket Link Resend;

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