30th Anniversary Box Office Opening!

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Newport Polo's Office and Lessons are private, and not located at the International Polo Grounds/Glen Farm; visitors are received by appointment only.  For recorded Match Info & Status, use the 24-hour Match Info Hotline: (401) 846-0200. For Lessons and all other inquiries, please contact the Polo Office using the form below. 

Here is some immediate information to the most frequently asked questions:

  • Review Admission Information & FAQs;
  • Wait List for Tailgates & Chalets is now offered by Self-Sign up should we receive a cancellation of an existing reservation, notification will be emailed simultaneously to all those on the Wait List for that match, to revisit our website to make their reservation;
  • Wait List for Pavilion Seats is now offered by Self-Sign up to an automatic Wait List for notification of online seats;
  • Wait List for Picnic Patches is now offered by Self-Sign Up to an automatic Wat List for notification of online availability;
  • Can't find your ticket link, please email info@nptpolo.com with the Date of Match for Ticket Link Resend;

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