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Weekly Lesson Schedule

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 “Riding experience is not required for beginners, since each lesson includes riding instruction specific to polo,” explained Dan Keating, head instructor and President of Newport Polo, "but as a student’s polo skills progress, their riding skills will need to become proficient." 

Adult Co-Ed Lessons, Men's League, Women's League 

Opportunity to learn and compete in mixed classes or among peers.  Open enrollment allows new players to join at any time.  Lessons are ideal for newcomers as well as for those wishing to tune up for the Coaching League grass polo during the summer.  Each lesson includes an hour of mounted instruction, with varying degrees of horsemanship, polo rules and mechanics, drills and scrimmage. Students are to arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to the lesson, for tacking horse assignments. Horse & polo equipment are provided. Participants should arrive attired in layered outerwear for outdoor weather conditions, boot w/1" heel and safety helmet.  Reservations for classes and chukkers are accepted by the week, via email to Lesson fees are $75 Arena / $100 Grass. 

Lunch & Learn team-building experiences

Specially trained leaders guide Private Groups through polo experiences for team building Lunch & Learn Wednesdays, offered in the 11:00am-1pm time slot. $160/person includes box lunch or BBQ buffet, and instruction in horse prep, mounted basic riding, polo hitting technique, polo rules, strategy & tactics & mounted scrimmage (optional) and prizes. Group Size: Can accommodate multiples of 3 or 4, up to 16 people. Attire: jeans or riding pants and boots with 1” heel; personal safety helmets are welcome Age: teens and adults All participants are required to sign a Waiver of Liability. Details

Adult Intro Clinics

Newport Polo offers mounted Introductory Clinics seasonally for adult beginners in small, focused groups to learn with other beginners, providing individual attention to each student’s progress, and practice newly learned skills in scrimmages.  

Interscholastic Polo

Newport Polo hosts nationally recognized Interscholastic Polo Teams, open to boys and girls in 8th-12th grades, in good academic standing, offering year-round instruction to compete against other teams during the Autumn and Spring competition season, during which the teams can advance to regional and national competitions.  Our interscholastic program kicks off every June, in partnership with the US Olympic Committee, with a series of instruction and orientation experiences, team practices, clinics and coaching chukkers, all in the arena, from July onward, and team tryouts and selection in August for the official Interscholastic competition season, which is organized by the United States Polo Association (USPA) and runs concurrent to the academic year.  During the months of September – March, Newport Polo coordinates team practices, home and away games and participation in USPA tournaments.  Eligible participants can earn Varsity Letters and College Scholarships from the USPA.  Outline & expense estimates for the Newport Polo's Interscholastic Team program.

Arena Polo Competition Chukkers

Newport Polo also offers Competition Chukkers for qualified players during the Spring and Autumn arena polo seasons.  Please inquire at the email address above.   Competition Chukkers are open to Newport Polo Club members and to qualified nonmembers on Sat/Sun afternoons, concluding with seasonal tournament(s).  Horse leasing is available for $75 for 2 chukkers/$150 for 4 chukkers.

Arena Polo Tournaments

Newport Polo also organizes seasonal Arena Polo Tournaments for qualified players during the Spring and Autumn arena polo seasons.  Please inquire at the email address above.   Positions are limited and first offered to Newport Polo Club members and to qualified regular participants.  Horse leasing is available for $150 for 4 chukkers. 

The aforementioned activities are all results-oriented polo training and skills enhancement opportunities, preparing participants with the necessary skills to ultimately play competition polo as members of the club, in grass polo May through September, and enjoy other member opportunities & benefits.

Polo lessons, Clinics, Lunch & Learn Seminars, Interscholastic Polo and Competition Chukkers take place at Newport Polo's private outdoor regulation-size training facility in Portsmouth (not at Glen Farm) during the spring, summer and autumn, and indoors during winter.  All lessons and visits are by appointment only. ($75/arena lesson; $100/grass lesson).  Directions are provided upon registration. 

Group instruction is the ideal format to apply newly learned skills within the context of actual play.  Group sizes are small (max. of 6 students) to allow for individual attention.  Lessons proceed at the pace of the participants.  Basic Riding lessons are also available in spring, summer & autumn.  Advanced Private lessons are available in summer (rate varies).