All September Polo Matches Begin at 4PM.

Entry gates open at Noon. The Davitt Pavilion & Patio Bar open at 2PM.


Deep Six Pack

Beginner Polo Lesson Package

Get deep in the saddle, and fast-track to proficient player, with a purchase of 6 arena polo lessons, get 2 bonus lessons.   





See results with this weekly plan;  advance sooner to competition play.  Build on skills with package vouchers thru May.  Be on grass by summer!  Package cost is $390, receive 8 arena polo lesson vouchers. Limit one package per person; for beginners only, (those with 3 or fewer lessons).  

Vouchers can be used more often than once per week, for any regularly scheduled arena polo group lesson.  Vouchers do not expire, are non-refundable & non-transferrable.  Arena polo runs for 12 weeks in Autumn, into December, and resumes in Spring for another 12 weeks through May.